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Hagop Raffy

Schools Director

- Previous School Prinicpal:

Futures International school, Frontiers Language School, Egyption English Language School.

- Experience: 39 years.

- Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering, University of Alexandria, Distinction Grade. Diploma of the MA- Alexandria University..

George Enaam

Admistrative Manager and Bord Member

- Experience: 19 years as Projects manager in various fields.

- Qualifications: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior architect department, Mini Maker Diploma, American Cultural Center

Sister Annasimon

Language School principal

- Experience: 21 years.

- Qualifications: Bachelor of Art (French) Pedagogic Diploma, Diploma in School Management Preparation of Master degree in School Management

Omneya Gad

IGCSE Division Deputy

- Previous School: Futures international school Noor international school.

- Experience: 13 years.

- Qualifications: Bachelor of Pharmacy - Alexandria University Diploma in clinical pharmacy

Mona George Mattar

Preparatory and secondary Deputy

- Previous School: Vice Principal at the American School Beverly Hills.

- Experience: 26 years.

- Qualifications: NWAC Certificate of Northwest accreditation Commission Edu-Systems International interdisciplinary skills for the 21st Century A Diploma in the German Language.

Rose Réda Tékeil

Primary Deputy

- Previous School: Deputy at the NDD School..

- Experience: 27 years.

- Qualifications: Diplôme Pédagogique de la langue française [IUFP], Helwan University. Compétences de l’oral : expression et comprehension.

Hala Philip Eskaroas

Kindergarten Deputy

- Previous School: English supervisor at B.B.C International School, Notre Dame School .

- Experience: 21 years.

- Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, English Department, Ain Shams University MINI MBA from Notting Hill College with a grade of "A Distinction".