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Joya Nabil

Congratulations to our distinct student Joya Nabil for your wonderful result. She got 88.53% and ranked the 4th over El Khalifa and Mukattam Educational Administration. We are so proud of you. You faced challenges and obstacles but you have overcome them.

Monica Maged

Congratulations to our distinct student Monica Maged for your wonderful result. She got 91.46%. we are so proud of you. You proved that with determination and hard work, success would surely be achieved.

Omar Mohamed

Congratulations to our distinct student Omar Mohamed for your wonderful result. He got 91.21%. We are so proud of you.You are one of the most excellent examples of success. You worked hard, and you really deserve it.

Anne Hany

We are really proud of you, Anne Hany Reda and your great efforts ranking the first with the best score of 99.2 % keep up with your great success.

Verina Nader

In the second rank comes our wonderful Verina Nader Atalla with the score 98.5%. We gladly enjoy seeing the results of your great achievements.

Mariam Elkess Augustin

Our wonderful Mariam Elkess Augustin you have also done an excellent job by ranking the 3rd with the score 98%. Keep climbing the mountain and you will definitely reach the top.

Joy Ehab

A shared 4th rank between two amazing girls Tia Baher Yacoub and Joy Ehab Isaac you greatly showed your skills by scoring 97.1%. Wonderful job girls well done.

Tia Baher

A shared 4th rank between two amazing girls Tia Baher Yacoub and Joy Ehab Isaac you greatly showed your skills by scoring 97.1%. Wonderful job girls well done.

Chris Akram

Our 5th rank is our gentle man Chris Akram Milad with the score 96 4% you have done a wonderful job we surly appreciate your great efforts. Keep up the good work.

Heidi Bassem

Al Karm"s butterfly.. Heidi Bassem KG 2 F was awarded the GOLD medal in the Egyptian Gymnastics Federation Championship 2020_2021.. Congratulations Heidi our little Champion.. Waiting for the International medal

Patrick Ramzy

Our little genius Patrick will represent Egypt for the second time in the International competition in UCMAS in Dubai next month. It all began when Patrick successfully and brilliantly passed all his tests in UCMAS Academy with outstanding results and was awarded the GOLD medal for the First position in the international competition as well as coming FIRST in Kenken International Competition, and was promoted to the Top 3.

Lavinia Albair

"And then, one day I decided to be better than I was yesterday." Lavinia Albair : our star from prep. 2 took this decision and participated in the 13th International Kangaroo Contest in science. Lavinia got the Best Marks at grade 8 in Egypt.. We are so proud of your outstanding performance Lavinia.. Go ahead.

Daniel Haby

Daniel Haby (2nd Sec.) joined Al-Khalifah and Al-Muqattam team, achieved the 3rd place of Cairo and was selected for the national team of Cairo to participate in The Egyptian Championship 2020-2021. Congratulations for winning the football tournament! Your triumph will ring through the history of our school.

Jolly Mamdouh

Well done Jolly Mamdouh (6th Prim.), Jolly achieved the 1st place (50 Backstroke) in The Egyptian Championship 2020-2021. The best is yet to come. We will bring home the gold next season! You are a true legends and inspiration to us all!

Youssef Medhat

We proudly congratulate Youssef Medhat (1st Prep.), Youssef achieved the 2nd place (200 m Butterfly) in The Egyptian Championship2020-2021. Your efforts to improve your skills, in swimming, have made you a champion in the swimming competition! Congrats!

Kevin Tony

What a great win in tennis. Kevin Tony (1st Prep.)! achieved the 1st place of Cairo and is raised to The Egyptian Championship2020-2021. You are truly the best! Congratulations! All your hard work, commitment and practice has paid off.

Melinda Michael

Melinda Michael (5th primary) was awarded the GOLD Medal in The Egyptian Championship in Gymnastics Aerobics 2020-2021. What a great win for you, dear student! You’re truly the best! Congratulations! Keep it up!

Peter Sarwat

Peter Tharwat, our student of the scientific division with the score of 97.6% and the musical and acting talent, has joined the faculty of Dentistry at Misr International University (MIU). He dreams of specializing in the field of Orthodontics. We wish our future dentist all the best.

Micheal Boctor

99.02% ranking first over Al karma School and the 5th over El Khalifa & Mukattam Educational Administration and He has a great singing talent. He joined the Faculty of Engineering Cairo University. His dream is to join the communication and computer division. We wish him a bright and shining Future.

Maria Hany

Maria Hany, our student of the literary section has a score of 90.97% and a great artistic talent. She joined the faculty of Economy and international Trade at Ahram Canadian University (ACU). We wish her the best of luck for her bright future.

Youssef Medhat

He won the 5th place in the 100 meters dolphin swimming competition.